The Filothei Women Gala international women’s meeting is SILVER!



The Filothei Women Gala international women’s meeting is once again in the Silver category of Continental Tour, the famous World Athletics meeting series.

The well-known Greek gala, which will be held for yet another year at the Filothei Stadium “S. Kyriakidis”, has been upgraded and is again in the highest possible category it could be due to its specificity in the events (only 5 or 6 disciplines in each edition and it concerns only women).

The 23rd edition of the Filothei Women Gala will be on June 6, 2023 and for one more time it will gather the top Greek and foreign female super star in athletics.

We recall that last year the performances recorded in the competition, on June 1 2022, were excellent and it is expected that this year top athletes such as the Olympic pole vault champion Katerina Stefanidi, who competes for A.O Filothei, will again honour the international women’s gala with their presence.

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