The stadium where will be take place the FILOTHEI WOMEN GALA, is the Municipal Stadium “Stelios Kiriakidis”, an green oasis in Athens. It is found in Filothei next to Podoniftis creek.

The stadium allocates regional track of 200 metres and this makes it unique because it is the only in the world with track 200m. that held events and are recognized the results that are achieved. There is space for high, long and triple jump, pole vault and shotput. Side by the track has rows of seats for 3000 persons, that at the heat afternoon hours of summertime allocate shade in all the length. Specifically for the meeting Filothei Women Gala they are placed also additional seats.

The Stadium “Stelios Kiriakidis” took its name by the legendary Greek Champion in long distances, Stelios Kiriakidis.