The Filothei Women Gala profile

The Filothei Sports Club is having the need to attribute tribune to the Woman Greek Athlete of Athletics, that so much discriminations and successes have given in our country, organised for first time in 2000, International Competition of Track & Field only for women, make that constitutes World Exclusivity and Originality.
The Filothei Women Gala takes place in the Municipal Stadium of Filothei, nineteen possessed years (2000 – 20018) and constitutes henceforth institution with International radiation.
The Filothei Sports Club and the Municipal Stadium of Filothei have estanblised (1956) by the many times Greek Champion in long distances, victor of in 1946 Marathon of Boston Stelios Kyriakidis. The stadium is located in the suburb of Athens, Filothei, and its characteristic is that it allocates regional track of 200 metres. This makes it unique because it is the only in the world with track 200m. that held events and are recognized the results that are achieved.
In the six events of Filothei Women Gala, that have become henceforth institution, participate high level Greeks and foreigner World and Olympic champions, making records that are included in 5 World Lead the world.
The Filothei Women Gala, being international meeting, “opens: the official Athletics season of Track & Field in Greece, the last Wednesday of May every year.

The events are:
High Jump
Long Jump
Triple Jump
Pole Vault
100m Dash
100m Hurdles


Why only Women!

After Greek Track & Field evolution with the conquest of gold metal by Patoulidou in the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992, a big generation of athletes, and particularly women athletes, popped up in Greece.

The Greek women athletes gave a lot of discriminations, metals, fantastic results and successes in our country in Olympic Games, World and European Championships, in Mediterranean and Balkan Games but also in International Meetings. We easily mention Niki Bakogianni, Katerina Thanou, Fani Chalki, Pigi Devetzi, Mirella Manjani, Anastasia Kelesidou, Athanasia Tzoumeleka, Niki Xanthou, Voula Tsiamita, Georgia Kokloni, Maria Karastamati etc’.

Having the need to honour the Greek Woman – Athlete, we organise Filothei Women Gala since 2000, giving the opportunity in the sports fans to admire closely the Protagonists of World Track & Field.
In the Filothei Women Gala have participated most of mentioned before Greek champions and a lot of foreigner Champions, as well-known and popular in the Greek public:

Tatyana Lebedeva (Russia) – Olympic champion, World Champion and holder of World record of closed track in the Triple Jump.

Tereza Marinova (Bulgaria) – Olympic champion, World Champion in the Triple Jump.

Inga Babakova (Ukraine) – Olympic champion, World Champion in the High Jump.

Venelina Veneva (Bulgaria) – Olympic champion, World Champion in the High Jump.

The records of Filothei Women Gala are:

100m: 11″18 Pogrebnyak (UKR) (2016)
100m. Hurdles: 12″89 Dimitrova (BUL) (2000)
High Jump: 2.03m. Veneva (BUL) (2006)
Pole Vault: 4.86m. Stefanidi (GRE) (2016)
Long Jump: 7.03m. Kotova (RUS) (2002)
Triple Jump: 14.73m Papachristou (GRE) (2016)


Meeting Director
Yannis Koutsoyannopoulos

Head coach of Filothei Sports Club in Track & Field since 1982. He is graduated form the University of Athens in Sports with postgraduate in U.S.A.
He trained many champions in Track & Field Jumps all these years, with Greek, Balkan and European victories, leading the 2nd Olympic victory in High Jump of Women in Olympic Games Atlanta (1996).
He was inspired the organisation of FILOTHEI WOMEN GALA and he is executive Director of all organisations that has become from 2000 until today.
In the Olympic Games of Athens (2004) he was Technical Information Director.
Today he continues his offer in the Filothei Sports Club, from the place of Technical Director and Coach high level athletes in the Jumps.